Painting or Staining Custom Cabinets: What’s The Difference?

painting or staining wood cabinets

Painting or staining custom cabinets are time-honored ways of helping cabinets to blend in with the overall décor of the room where the cabinets are installed. However, each method of coating the cabinetry has its advantages and disadvantages.

Stain-grade cabinetry is ideal for showing off the pattern of woods such as cherry, fir, oak, pine, ash, lyptus, mahogany and maple. Typically, stain-grade cabinets utilize high-quality hardwoods with a regular grain pattern but can be costly depending upon the materials used.

Paint-grade cabinets are different in price from stain-grade cabinets since they use an alternate type of wood or veneer; the paint covers minor but visible imperfections such as changes in grain or blots in the wood. Paint-grade cabinets are commonly constructed from materials such as maple wood, particleboard or medium-density fiberboard; Walmer uses birch, poplar and maple. The paint is applied by a sprayer or by brushes for an even coating.

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing Paint-Grade Cabinets

For paint-grade cabinetry, the type of paint should be carefully selected. The cabinets will endure years, even decades, of use and will need to be as durable as possible. The cabinets used for arrival centers, kitchens and bathrooms, for example, will be exposed to liquid, mud, wet dirt and high humidity, so the paint used should be able to repel water to protect the wood from water-related damage.

The paint could also chip away over time with regular use of the cabinets by family members or by pets scratching the paint with their paws. However, cabinets painted by brush are easier to repair than those painted by spray nozzles, since the brush touch-ups are less apparent to the eye and do not detract from the cabinet’s aesthetic beauty.

Walmer Makes Your Cabinetry Decisions Easier

Selecting the right kind of wood, stain or paint for your cabinetry involves several decisions. At Walmer, we’re pleased to use our expertise to help you make well-informed design decisions so that you’re pleased with the final results, whether the cabinets that we build for you go into your kitchen, bathroom, hallways, mudrooms, living rooms, home offices or libraries.

For commercial clients such as general contractors and home construction companies, we are proud to help you as well. We offer special programs for home builders and will work with your schedule as construction work progresses on the condominiums, apartment buildings and homes you build.

In addition to custom cabinetry, Walmer products include fireplace mantels, fireplace surrounds and trim pieces for walls, doorways and ceilings. These products improve the aesthetic appeal of the rooms in your home and are budget-friendly.

If you have questions about our products, set up an in-home consultation to speak with our experienced design consultants. When your home is ready for installation, Walmer provides full-service installation and a one-year warranty on our products.