4 Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Trends


To keep up with a family’s changing needs over time, homeowners change their kitchens with a minor or major remodel.

The remodeling may involve creating more storage space or better traffic flow through a kitchen, so that kitchen users are less likely to collide when they carry items from one location to another.

Other homeowners want to create a more updated look for a kitchen in a recently purchased home or remodel with an eye to increasing the home’s value when it’s sold later. According to a March 2014 U.S. News & World Report article by reporter Teresa Mears, “Which Home Remodeling Projects Are Worth Your Money?”, even a minor kitchen remodel adds 82.7% of the remodeling projects cost back to a home’s value.

Homeowners base their remodeling decisions on many factors, including cost, safety, personal style, organizational needs and durability. Kitchen cabinetry, however, is an essential element of that remodeling. Although styles go in and out of fashion with different eras, four of the most current and popular trends in kitchen cabinets are:

  1. Environmentally friendly construction materials. Companies now make a stronger effect to minimize the impact on the environment. Kitchen cabinetry is less likely to be constructed from laminated materials, but is likely to be made of wood from sustainable forests. Also, cabinets are free of formaldehyde or other chemicals that adversely affect the indoor air of a home.
  1. Charging stations for mobile devices. As the use of laptops, mobile phones and tablet computers grows, the need for an organized place to recharge these devices is of greater importance to homeowners. Some cabinets may have built-in drawers with connections to outlets, allowing a family’s mobile devices to recharge while hiding unsightly power cords.
  1. Specialty storage cabinets. From storing little-used appliances, cooking spices and other products, building compact and easily accessible custom-made sliding drawers into cabinets is a popular trend among homeowners.
  1. Distinctive cabinets with decorative knobs. Knobs typically come in a wide range of shapes, materials and sizes to suit, but some homeowners opt for knobs in unusual shapes (like kitchen cutlery) for visual interest or in various colors to add a splash of color to a kitchen.

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