Four Important Factors To Consider When Designing Your Kitchen Bar Cabinetry


Entertaining family, friends and business acquaintances is a way of life in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

A well-designed kitchen and bar area with ample storage cabinets is vital for casual or formal events, since this area of your home acts as a hub for the entire event. In fact, a good kitchen may pay off in improving the value of your home. As 24/7 Wall St. journalist Samuel Weigley noted in an April 2013 USA Today article, “11 home features that buyers will pay extra for”, an eat-in kitchen is among the 11 most desirable home features, according to data from the National Association of Realtors.

However, there are four important factors to consider before putting in a new kitchen and bar area into your home:

  1. What type of entertaining do you prefer? If you opt to hire local caterers for a company party, a large and durable counter with a heat-resistant top will be useful for heated serving dishes. For casual get-togethers involving family members or friends, it’s wise to ensure electrical sockets for crockpots, food processers and blenders are located near the work counter without the risk of electrical cords getting in the way of food preparation or cleanup. Serving bowls should also be stored in nearby cabinets so that you can easily retrieve them as needed.
  1. What is your home’s architectural style? With the range of modern and vintage homes in the DC metro area, ideally your kitchen’s design – including its cabinetry – should match the rest of your home.
  1. Where will beverages be stored – in the bar or the kitchen? Kitchens commonly have a large refrigerator for various drinks, but some homeowners add a bar area with a wine cabinet and a smaller party refrigerator for extra convenience.
  1. How will traffic flow through the kitchen? The kitchen stove, sink, food preparation areas and refrigerator should be convenient to one another. This design ensures that cooks preparing the dishes for the party won’t cross paths, accidentally bump into each other, and cause food or liquids to spill on floors.

Whether you own a modern suburban home, a classic D.C. townhouse or any other type of home, Walmer will work with you to create the ideal custom cabinetry for your entertaining needs. We use high-grade, eco-friendly plywoods and hardwoods to build our cabinets and provide one-on-one consultations with experienced experts to ensure that our cabinetry fits perfectly in your home. Our cabinets are available in different wood species, as well as different colors and stains to match your decor; and are equipped with durable, quality hardware to withstand decades of use.

In addition, we create custom cabinetry for other rooms in your home, such as bookcases and storage cabinets for libraries, baths and home offices. For more information, contact us. 703.461.9330