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Custom Cabinets: Style, Quality and Price Options in Northern Virginia




A kitchen is the heart of the home and a natural gathering place for family and friends.

A Walmer custom kitchen makes that place as beautiful as it is functional.

We offer high quality cabinetry to accommodate the needs and desires of every home cook, from gourmet to every day.

Our custom kitchens and bars are manufactured using plywood veneers and solid wood, no particle board, no MDF, no urea-formaldehyde!

We also use the highest quality hardware for doors and drawers, ensuring long-lived durability.

A Walmer kitchen adds distinction to any home.


Our custom kitchens are built for you, your space, your style, your equipment, your appliances and for the way you function in a kitchen.

We offer great flexibility in size, design options and finishes. Because everything is custom built, no space is wasted and every space is utilized exactly as you desire.

Doors and drawers are inset, a feature of fine cabinetry. And, every step of the way, you will be guided by our own in-house certified kitchen and bath designer, a rare benefit from a manufacturer!

Our standard kitchens come in stock cabinet sizes, have overlay doors and drawers, and are lower in price than custom kitchens, while still offering high quality with a wide range of options and finishes.

We are local, reducing turn-around times and ensuring direct access to the manufacturer.


In addition to the choice of wood species and finish (paint color or stain color), additional options available for custom kitchens and bars include:

  • Custom-sized cabinets, doors and drawers
  • Pull-out shelves/trays in base cabinets for easy access
  • Pantry cabinets
  • Spice drawers and cabinets
  • Pull-out trash and re-cycling bins
  • Pop-up hardware for heavy, bulky kitchen equipment (stand mixers, food processors, etc.)
  • Flatware and cooking utensil dividers
  • Lighting
  • Range of styles for glass doors and shelves
  • Wide range of door and drawer styles to accommodate any decor
  • Wide range of finishes and wood species.

If you don’t see on this list the option you want, just ask!



Custom Kitchen Cabinets & Bars: Product & Service Options

There are other benefits to custom cabinetry from Walmer, no matter which of our options you choose.

  • We are local to Northern Virginia. Our manufacturing takes place in our factory in Alexandria, Virginia. This shortens delivery times, and we deliver directly to the Northern Virginia and Greater D.C. metropolitan area job site. And in the event that service is needed, our response time for damaged or missing parts is within a day or two, not the week or two it takes for pre-made cabinetry from elsewhere in the country.
  • We offer design services and have a certified kitchen and bath designer on our staff.
  • We offer full installation services for complete turn-key service from design phase to completion.

Contact us for more information and preliminary cost estimates, or visit our showroom for a design consultation. 703.461.9330.

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