12 Hot Trends for Home Interiors and Custom Cabinetry in 2015

home interior trends

The end of the year is a trendy time to look back, reflect on the events of the past year and anticipate what’s going to be happening next in the custom cabinetry industry.

For the management and employees of Walmer Enterprises, 2014 was a satisfying year in our ability to please our clients in the D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia metro areas. These clients are now enjoying the benefits of the custom cabinetry we designed, built and installed into their kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, home libraries and home offices.

But as we review 2014 and look ahead to an equally productive 2015, there were various trends that appeared and disappeared in the interior design industry. These trends had a considerable impact on our own cabinetry designs since our cabinetry and trim are vital links to homeowners’ satisfaction with interior design.

Interior Design And Custom Cabinetry In 2014

The year 2014 saw a lot of fascinating household design trends that were intended to improve the visual appeal and overall functionality of a home. In the May 2014 issue of Iowa-based Better Homes and Gardens, BHG noted several kitchen trends such as a consistent height for kitchen work islands (creating a more functional workspace for food preparation, crafts and homework), open shelving, cabinet drawer bases and multi-purpose pantry spaces.

New York magazine Elle Decor described similar interesting household design trends. Among these trends were custom cabinetry painted in jewel colors and work surfaces made from unusual stone materials such as agate, quartz, and quartzite. Equally in style were the use of honey-toned woods, a heavy use of highly dramatic colors such as turquoise, white and black, and animal hides used as a texture-rich covering for sofas, chairs, tables and consoles.

HGTV had its own ideas about the popular looks of 2014. In writer Liz Gray’s article, “Design Bloggers on Fall’s Top Trends,” Gray discussed fashionable looks in 2014 that included a gallery wall to show off a homeowner’s art collection and design “vignettes” set up in alcoves or along walls. Additional design elements were room accessories crafted by highly talented artisans, Americana-themed décor and vintage accessories repurposed to add more visual appeal to a living room, entertainment area, library, dining room or kitchen.

kitchen bar cabinetsThe home design experts at Houzz noted that homeowners choose a blend of space conservation that increased functionality. In Amber Hopman’s Houzz article, “The Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas of 2014,” Hopman said that the most popular trends were highly organized walk-in pantries, pull-out drawers with slits to hold knives, pantry cabinets, cleaning supply areas concealed within closets and narrow pull-out shelves. Other trends that appealed to homeowners in 2014 included vertical shelves for cookie sheets and other hard-to-store kitchenware, cabinet-mounted spice racks, pull-out ironing boards, extra workstations, and wraparound shelving next to doors.

House Beautiful bloggers had quite a bit to say about 2014 design trends, too. These bloggers predicted that homes would have a lot more drama and glamour, an emphasis on vintage furniture, strong wall colors and dramatically patterned wallpaper.

arrival center mud roomThe installation of arrival centers into many homes was equally fashionable. In our November 2014 blog post, we observed that the installation of arrival centers was a growing trend in multiple homes. Arrival center cabinetry increased the usefulness of a hallway or mudroom by providing practical storage areas for coats, boots, sneakers, sports equipment, pet supplies, cleaning supplies or similar items. These arrival centers were a perfect choice for homeowners seeking to convert certain areas of their homes into storage-efficient spaces at a reasonable cost.

The 12 Trends We Predict For 2015

With the uncertain nature of the current economy, it is more likely that most homeowners will remain in their current homes and adapt their existing living space, rather than going to the expense and stress of relocating to an entirely new home in a different geographic area. In fact, a survey by Houzz found that 66% of the homeowners they surveyed preferred to remain in their homes for the long term, according to a June 2014 blog post from Boutwell Contracting and Development in Florida.

Well-known HGTV television shows such as “Property Brothers”, “Rehab Addict” and “Love It Or List It” have further sparked ever-increasing interest from many homeowners who want to adapt their home to resemble the awe-inspiring interior designs depicted on these shows.

As a result of the increased interest in adapting existing homes to suit homeowners’ personal needs, here are the 12 trends we expect to see in interior design and custom cabinetry throughout 2015:

Trend #1: More Construction Materials That Are Delightful To See And To Touch

Kitchen backsplash panels made from multi-colored glass, stone or ceramic tiles are expected to increase their presence within homes. These types of panels protect walls from permanent stains, create strong, colorful areas within a kitchen and serve as focal points within a kitchen. These backsplash panels also entice visitors to feel them and explore the textures with their fingertips.

Trend #2: Simpler Styling For Cabinets And Shelf Units

Visual details on shelves and cabinets are largely dependent upon homeowners’ personal taste and the size of their home, whether it’s a historic Georgetown mansion, an old townhouse in Alexandria, or a suburban home in a location such as Fairfax, Falls Church or Bethesda. Overall, homeowners are going for less elaborate details in drawer handles and shelving and moving toward simpler, cleaner lines to create an elegant and minimalist appearance.

Trend #3: Additional Use Of Glass Panels In Cabinet Doors

Inserting transparent or semi-transparent glass panels into cabinet doors offers two functions. These panels protect the contents of the cabinet from dust and other floating particles. In addition, these transparent panels allow items stored inside the cabinet to be easily found and used as needed, eliminating the need to search through multiple cabinets in order to find missing items.

Trend #4: Remote Control Through The Use Of Mobile Devices

With the number of mobile devices continuing to increase, mobile devices are currently used to exert remote control over alarm systems, to improve the effectiveness of heating and air conditioning systems (leading to reduced energy bills and cost savings), and to monitor animals, children and babysitters in homes. It’s possible that the same type of mobile technology may be adapted for other uses in a home, such as turning lights on or off or opening cabinet doors for people with physical disabilities affecting their hands, arms or legs.

Trend #5: Increased Use of Cabinetry In Traditional Outdoor Spaces

The dividing line between outdoors and indoors is blurring in some homes with enough yard space to allow a room to be extended into the backyard. More of these open areas are being converted into “outdoor rooms” that act as extensions of the indoor home. Some of these “rooms” may be supplied with equipment for parties such as built-in cooking grills for cooking food, wet bars, and cabinetry for storing party-related products such as cooking tongs, spatulas, corkscrews and serving platters.

Similar, an outdoor room of this type can also doubles as a sunroom for relaxation and entertainment. The sunroom may be equipped with entertainment features such as television sets, DVD players and Wi-Fi consoles concealed inside corner cabinets.

Trend #6: Luxurious Master Baths Including Specially Built Vanity Cabinets

Master bathrooms with big soaking tubs and separate shower areas serve as a haven for tired homeowners after a long, tiring day. For additional comfort and convenience, double vanities provide convenience for two people using a master bathroom at the same time. These double vanities can be accompanied with custom-made storage cabinets to that medication, haircare products, dental supplies and other personal toiletries are easy to access.

Trend #7: More Home Offices With Customized Storage

Cloud-based technology and the business world’s increasing tendency to rely on mobile devices means that more homeowners are taking advantage of the opportunity to work from home more often. As a result, they are creating home offices within their homes, adding workspaces for their tablets and laptops and custom storage areas for other work-related materials.

Trend #8: Multiple Charging Stations Located In Key Areas Of A Home

Modern homeowners and their families commonly use a large number of portable mobile devices such as e-book readers (Kindles and Nooks, for example), smartphones, tablet computers and laptops. Custom-built charging stations can be installed into living rooms or kitchens so that multiple devices can be easily recharged as needed.

Trend #9: Homes Designed For Long-Term Residency

Depending upon their cash flow situation and job stability, homeowners choose to remain in their homes for decades or even the majority of their lifetimes. They want flexible interior designs that grow with their needs as they and their children age and need interior rooms that can accommodate changes in height, the use of assistive devices such as wheelchairs or walking canes, and the installation of non-slip flooring.

Trend #10: Better And Easier Interior Personalization

Each homeowner has a unique decorating style and prefers a home that reflects that style in addition to providing comfort and convenience. Whether homeowners regularly host large-scale entertainment events such as business dinners or sports-themed parties celebrating the Washington Redskins, the Washington Nationals or the Baltimore Orioles, the kitchen, living rooms and other rooms in the home will reflect that homeowner’s personal taste and storage needs.

Consequently, there may be an increased demand for unique and specialized storage that combines practicality, efficiency and visual appeal. This custom storage includes items such as built-in wine racks for the convenient storage of red and white wines and refrigerators hidden behind cabinet doors to improve the visual appeal of a kitchen and match the other cabinet doors of a kitchen.

Trend #11: Metallic Hues On Furniture

Metallic finishes on some items of furniture became more fashionable in 2014 and that growth is expected to continue throughout 2015. Expect to see more furniture decorated with chrome, silver, pewter and copper finishes.

Trend #12: Warmer Metal Fixtures

Stainless steel and aluminum sinks/faucets are a common feature in many sinks, but other metals such as nickel, chrome and bronze have gained popularity. These metals are more pleasing to the eyes, are a closer match to different colors of kitchen cabinetry and provide a more luxurious appearance to a kitchen.

Walmer’s Custom Cabinets And Textured Trim Suit Any Home And Personal Needs

Whether you want to remodel your home to add some of the hottest design and cabinetry trends for 2015 or you’ve recently purchased a new home and intend to redecorate the interior, we’ll work with you to ensure you achieve the look you want. We’ll adapt our custom cabinetry to suit both your family’s current needs and the dimensions of a living room, kitchen, bathroom, home office or library.

Walmer works with commercial clients such as architects, builders and remodelers, too. If you’re building a series of new homes or flipping homes, let us know how we can help you create an ideal interior through the use of our trim and custom cabinetry products.

We construct our cabinets and trim from the finest materials, using different woods for strength and durability. A one-year warranty of our workmanship accompanies all of our products in order to provide you with more peace of mind. Full-service installation from our talented installers is included.

Our cabinetry and trim is available in a variety of colors and stains so that these products will easily blend with the internal décor in your home. Whether your preference is for lighter colors or darker colors, we’re confident that we can find a shade and color to suit you.

Walmer has expert designers with years of experience, who act as consultants to help you achieve whatever design goals you may have. We provide in-home consultations and one-on-one meetings with our design staff to ensure we thoroughly know your needs and requirements and to eliminate any potential confusion about the work we do for you. For more information on what we produce and how we can be of assistance to you, contact us.